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Theos Electric is a family owned business.  The owners, Jeremiah Theos and his wife Lisa Mueller-Theos both grew up in Nevada County. Jeremiah started in the electrical field while working for a local electrical contractor.  He gained extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial applications. He credits his previous employer for providing him with the skills to be a highly skilled electrician.  After attending Chico California State University, Lisa moved to The Bay Area to find a career in Dietetics.  However, she greatly missed her family, friends and small community she grew up in. So, she moved back to Nevada County and that is where the two met.  After working 17 years as a compounding pharmacy technician, Lisa left the pharmacy world to help manage the business.

Jeremiah's dream was always to have his own business.  While honeymooning in Kauai, he was busy studying for the electrical contractors exam (instead of lying on the beach with his new wife).  After passing the exam he quickly started building Theos Electric.  As he built his business, he was also building a house for his family.  Jeremiah and Lisa worked on the residential project from splitting the land parcel, going through the approval process with Nevada City, designing the plans through all phases of construction.  Jeremiah has real life experience with the decisions and the headaches that home owners and builders face.  He has the ability to look beyond the point of view of a contractor. His helpful insights can help with reducing costs or adding unique traits to customize your home.

Then as the economy started to fall apart he had to make some tough choices.  Instead of throwing in the towel, he decided to take that time as an opportunity to study for his general contractors license.  Again, this further increased his knowledge and allowed him to expand his scope of work.  In order to stay up-to-date with green technology, he took a course on solar energy.  He then installed a system on his own home.  Although his focus is not solar energy, he can share first hand experience with you on the investment return of a solar system.      

Jeremiah and Lisa know the importance of supporting the small community they live in.  He added track lighting to the bike shop at Seven Hills Middle School where his son attended school.  In the past he has donated a gift certificate to support MOMS (local school fund raiser). Theos Electric is a sponsor of YBONC (Youth on Bicycles of Nevada County) which helps to organize local biking events and supports the high school mountain bike team. If you have a child interested in bicycling, read more about YBONC and see upcoming events here:  Theos Electric also sponsors the Roamin Angels which is a local car club. For more information visit their website: We have also added Veterans Stand Down Event to our list of sponsorship's.  Please contact Jeremiah or Lisa if you think Theos Electric could help support your local organization.

So whether you need him to come trouble shoot for an outlet that no longer works or replace an electrical panel that is at risk for causing a fire, you can trust him to do the work safely.  At the end of the day, we all want to feel safe in our homes. For information about electrical fires and safety visit: